15 months

I wasn’t too happy about getting my hair cut. It’s a good thing it didn’t last long. Now whenever I see these photos I say “haircut” and make a scissors motion. I love to play with grandma!

First Haircut








15 months- more words: door, go, please, peas, TV, blue, couscous, meat, belly, down, boat, ma ma, woof woof, eye. Says “up, down” and “woof woof dog”. (46)

15 months- favorite foods: Rubios chicken from burrito, Quesadilla, cheese, banana, nectarine, raisins, couscous, dried apricots

15 months- took 5 steps without holding on.

15 months- first haircut.

15 months, 2 weeks- stood for 5 minutes on own.

15 months, 3 weeks- more words: Grandpa, more juice, pictures, tongue