Didge community in Southern California

We gather and jam every few months in the San Diego area and often feature a major artist. If you would like to be included please contact me.


In the past:


Pre planning event- this is a heads up of what we have in mind and proposed schedule ( hours are never exact at these events so arrive early)

Sept 9 2017 12:00 AM – overnight camping suggested. Come early and set up a camp site, swim, play with animals

3:00 am - Multidrone Workshop beginner to pro. No didge required. Donation suggested $20 or more

7:30 pm Concert: This is modern music to dance to. We are promised that it will be family friendly. Concert is by donation- suggest $25 or more if you can.

8:45? Gourmet Pot Luck, then fireside jam gathering playing into wee hours.

Suggest swimsuits, chairs or blanket. HOT in day and  BrisWarners-Ranch-Flyerk during  mornings. You are welcome to camp here overnight. Luxery can be found at  Ayers Inn (6 miles away) or Viejas Casino and Resort (about 12 mi.)

Pot luck: our foods are above average, not your usual pot luck fare. Prepare a quality dish you are proud of. Stove, power,refrigerators, bbq, open fire all available to you.

New to didgeridoo? Great time to learn. Multiple teachers usually present. Didges for sale, vendors always welcome.

EXTREME FIRE DANGER!!!  No open fires please. small spark free fire at pit only

Warners Ranch: about 35 min. from I8/I5 cell: 619-683-2637

Take I8 east or west to the TAVERN ROAD EXIT to Alpine- head south on TAVERN ROAD. Stay Right if your eastbound The ranch is 6.1 miles down Tavern road- it changes names to Japatul Rd

At 100 feet BEFORE mile marker

13 on left is a dirt road with open chain link gates that looks like a prison. (Its in a VERY TIGHT BEND- BLUE address marker 19184) Stay to right going STRAIGHT ALL THE WAY TO VALLEY FLOOR.
The ranch is just past the Spanish tiled roof house with a white barn. (signs will guide you- house number is 19184 but numbers in street out here ARE NOT IN ORDER!)

Print this map and you won’t have to ask for directions!